Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Memorial Award

Each year, the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians recognizes outstanding wildlife professionals with the following honors…

Al Franzman Cutting-Edge Speaker

Recipient gives a presentation during the annual WDA conference. For more details, click here.

AAWV Graduate Student Scholarship Award

Awarded to a veterinary student or a veterinarian currently enrolled in a graduate program, residency or equivalent educational endeavor. For more details, click here.

Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Memorial Award

  • The Award shall be presented to an individual, group or organization in acknowledgement of either an exemplary contribution or achievement combining wildlife disease research with wildlife management policy implementation or elucidating particularly significant problems in wildlife health.
  • The Award shall be presented no more than once yearly and only when appropriate candidates are identified.
  • Candidates shall be selected by a joint WDA and AAWV committee named the Tom Thorne-Beth Williams Memorial Award Committee. The Committee shall be comprised of 4 members (2 from each organization) appointed by the Presidents of their respective organizations for terms of 2 years.  Terms may be renewable.  All decisions shall be made by majority vote, ties to be broken by consensus decisions of the Presidents of the WDA and the AAWV.
  • The Award shall be presented at joint meetings of the AAWV and WDA unless presented at another meeting as approved by both the WDA Council and the AAWV Officers and Governing Council.
  • Nominees will be sought in the Fall/Winter of each year through advertisement in WDA and AAWV communications to their respective memberships. An initial call for nominations will be advertised no later than January 15th, with a second request for nominations posted no later than February 15.  Submission deadline is generally early March.  However, this deadline might be adjusted depending on the timing of the conference in a given year.
  • Nominations shall consist of a letter stating the nominee’s name, affiliations, brief biographical history and a description of the contribution or achievements for which the individual, group or organization are nominated. Nomination letters shall specifically reference the nominee’s contributions as they relate to the award criteria as outlined in paragraph two of these guidelines.
  • The committee shall select recipients at least 4 months preceding the meeting at which the award is to be presented. When the conference is held earlier than usual in the year, the deadlines for nominations will be adjusted accordingly.
  • It is not a goal to keep the recipient’s name a secret, but is a goal to have the recipient(s) present at the awards ceremony, most often the banquet at the meetings of WDA and AAWV.
  • The Award shall be open to all professionals in the field of wildlife health regardless of membership in the WDA or the AAWV. This includes students.
  • The Award shall consist of a black-footed ferret bronze statute.
  • A Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Memorial Award Fund has been established jointly by the WDA and the AAWV. The purpose of this fund is to cover the cost of the bronze and provide a monetary award. Depending on amount available in the Memorial Award Fund, up to US$1000 shall be awarded to the recipient.  The intent of this award is to provide funds for Award recipient travel to the conference or for funds to be applied as a contribution to a field or research project selected by the recipient.  If the Memorial Award Fund increases substantially in value, the committee and Council will reevaluate award amount.
  • The Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Memorial Award will be awarded to any individual, group, or organization recipient no more than one time. In unique circumstances, the committee may consider recommending to AAWV and WDA that the award be given to a group or organization that includes a previous individual awardee, or to an individual who was a member of a group or organization previously winning the award.

USAHA Student Scholarship Award

A US$500 award from the United States Animal Health Association (USAHA). For more details, click here.