President’s Corner


I have to admit that penning a President’s Corner piece for the AAWV Newsletter is a bit of an out-of-body experience:  I have been reading these messages from the AAWV President for 15+ years now, since I joined the organization as a first-year veterinary student at UC Davis, and now it’s me doing the writing….is it really me this time? 


Truthfully, it is an absolute thrill and an honor to have been elected President of this organization.  Seventeen (!) years ago, having just decided to apply to veterinary school, I pestered Dave Jessup to sit down with me for an hour and tell me about wildlife medicine and what wildlife veterinarians do.  Since then, the AAWV community of wildlife health professionals is one that I have aspired to emulate and have been hugely proud to be a part of.  Many of you have been – and continue to be – advisors, mentors, colleagues and friends, and I can’t think of a more meaningful purpose or ethic around which to build community.


In my upcoming two years of service, I will use these President’s Corner pieces to let you know what I am doing as President, and what the organization is accomplishing for you as members, and for wildlife.   I have several items to report to you here:








Lastly, in light of our 2004 vote rejecting merger with the AAZV to form a new, joint organization, I have set the following goals for my first year as President that I hope will facilitate this renewed and expressed desire of the membership to remain an autonomous organization of free-ranging wildlife health professionals:




I am looking forward to serving the organization these next two years, and just want to remind you all that you are always welcome to call or email me anytime:, or 530-752-4896.




Kirsten Gilardi